How Spot makes back to school a breeze

As much as we’d all like to bring our pups to school with us, it’s not always an option. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or the parent of kids heading back to class, Spot is the solution you and your pup have been waiting for.


We’re talking, no more rushing home on lunch breaks. No more annoyed classmates because you’re always leaving study group early. No more rushed walks squished between school pick-ups and dance drop-offs. No more guilt when you’re attending a school event. No more hours spent rearranging the calendar when unexpected events come up occurs. No more asking favors from friends and neighbors.


Here are 3 ways Spot can make going back to school a little easier, specifically with our recurring walk scheduler:

  1. An established routine means less planning and stressing. Once you know you or your families schedule, you can book recurring walks for the same day and time every week. For those days you have a study group, it’s pub night, or your kids go straight from school to hockey, rest assured that your furry friend is being looked after with Spot. You and your dog will love the consistency.

  2. It costs you less. We’ve not only added a FREE WALK to every Spot account this September, but for every recurring walk you book, you will earn 10% in Spot Cash that’s automatically applied to your Spot account! That means each walk can cost as low at $11.25.

  3. You’re helping dogs in need. For every 10 minutes walked, 10 cents are donated to your local animal rescue, like the Calgary Humane Society. You can feel good about using Spot to help rescues find a good home!