Calgary's Dog Friendly Patios

Who let the dogs in? Spot sniffs out Calgary's dog-friendly patios!

Sometimes you have to leave Spot at home, and when you do, you don’t stress because with the Spot App you can book on-demand walks. Whether it’s a stretch of the legs and a bathroom break, or a full hour walk, the Spot App offers piece of mind for all dog owners.


With that said, there are an increasing number of places you can bring Spot with you this summer! Just as Calgary has become more bike-friendly in recent years, the city has become more dog-friendly too! Between the Spot App and the many establishments that now allow dogs, we are excited to watch dog adoption rates increase as dog ownership becomes more accessible than ever before.


To all of our Calgary dog-lovers, we hope to see you at one of the following dog-friendly establishments across Calgary this summer:


1. Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall


One of Calgary’s first establishments to allow patio pups, enjoy a beer and wings with your friends, and your best-friend too!


2. Vin Room


Not only does Vin Room allow patio pups, they offer a 3-course menu to keep them happy and healthy.


3. Cold Garden Beverage Company


Located in the Inglewoof, we mean Inglewood area, Cold Garden opened this year and put their best paw forward.  Grab a picnic table and bring your pup with you for a flight of Cold Garden’s unique brews.


4. Booker’s BBQ & Crab Shack


When enjoying a walk down the river pathway this summer, stop in at Booker’s for a BBQ break on the dog-friendly patio.


5. Donna Mac


Take your pup on date night with Donna Mac! With delicious food, cocktails, and a charming patio that welcomes Spot, we vote Donna Mac as the best place in the city to take your Bumble or Tinder date. With your pup by your side, what could go wrong?!


6. Midtown Kitchen and Bar


When you and Spot get thirsty strolling the Memorial Drive pathway, stop into Kensington for a drink from Midtown! Offering cold water for your pup and cold beer for you in one of our favorite Calgary neighborhoods, Midtown is a must-visit patio for Summer 2018!

7. One Night Stan’s


The first dog-friendly patio on 17th Avenue, One Night Stan’s offers great food, drinks, and company. We vote Stan’s the freshest place for you and Spot to socialize in Calgary.

For now, we’ll leave the list to lucky number 7 and welcome you to share your favorite “Spot’s” with us in the comments!