The Dapper Dog Box

High quality, healthy goodies – every month!

At Spot we’re all about convenience, which is why we developed the Spot dog walking and pet sitting app, and it’s why we love The Dapper Dog Box.


The Dapper Dog Box is a monthly subscription service with options to get boxes delivered monthly or every 3, 6 or 12 months. Each box includes treats, toys and bandanas for your dog, big or small!

As you know, establishing a routine is great for your dog, whether it’s through booking recurring walks at the same time every day with a Spot walker or getting a Dapper Dog Box delivered on a regular basis. Both you and your dog will love the excitement of seeing what new goodies are in your box, and for those of you with busy schedules, it saves you a trip to the store!


Of all the subscription boxes available, our favorite things about The Dapper Dog box is that with every purchase they give back to dog shelters, similar to how we donate 10 cents of every Spot walk to local human societies. They also understand that not all dogs are the same and put a lot of effort into creating boxes to fit your dogs breed best. With seasonal themes, the goodies are focused on being high quality to support a healthy lifestyle.


For you, or the dog lover in your life – this subscription box is a great gift idea, especially as the holiday season approaches.


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