Diet & Exercise Tips For Busy Dog Owners

New year, new you… but what about healthy habits for your dog in 2019 too?!

Hint: consistency is key.

Ever notice that your dog always seems to know when it’s dinner time? Or when it’s time for their daily scheduled walk? Dogs are able to pick up on routines and habits, and building a routine for you and your pet is mutually beneficial for you both!


Dogs thrive when they have an established routine under strong leadership from their owners. Despite your own busy and perhaps inconsistent lifestyle, there are easy ways to establish consistent routines with your dog, especially related to diet and exercise.

Doggy Diet

  1. Feed your dog at the same time of day, with the same portion size.
    You’ll notice great behavior with this consistency, like no begging or digestive issues.


  2. Stick to the same brand of food, versus shopping by price.
    Organic and all-natural pet food lessens chances of digestive disorders, ailments and allergies, and increases energy levels and life expectancy.


  3. Follow the same brand and diet plan for treats too!
    We recommend the online, all-natural pet food supplier SitStay. Made with only the best ingredients, they offer variety of all-natural treats including daily treats, bones, to long-lasting chews. SitStay ships directly to your door and even offers an auto-ship option, which means one less thing for you to remember.


Dog Walking

  1. Understand that exercise means mental stimulation, not just being outside, and that 60 minutes is a minimum!
    While letting your dog outside in the backyard is okay for quick relief, it doesn’t offer much mental stimulation, which may lead to behavioral or disobedience issues. We know that life happens, so when you have to work late and don’t have the luxury of an hour or more to take your dog for a walk with lots of interesting sights, smells, and people… rely on friends, like Spot dog walking and pet sitting to make sure your dogs needs are met.


  2. Take your dog for a walk at the same time, every day.
    Calm, mild-mannered dogs are those with consistency in their lives. If you find yourself walking your dog at noon on weekends, and random mornings or evenings during the week, simply scheduling a short Spot walk at the same time each weekday will be extremely helpful to maintain consistency and good behavior.


  3. Trust your dog with people who take the time to care.
    When using Spot, the “Uber for dog-walking” service in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Victoria, all walkers are interviewed, background-checked, insured, and bonded. Above and beyond that, each pup has a profile, created by you to tell your walker about your dog, what he likes, doesn’t like, favorite routes, toys, treats, and more. All Spot walks are private on-leash walks, and GPS-tracked so you can see exactly where your dog is, and even where they went #1 or #2.


For good health and happiness in the New Year, try SitStay and Spot.