Wolfgang Man & Beast

Spot’s top choice for dog collars combine quality and style

Hiking, biking, running, climbing, camping, skateboarding, skiing, or hanging out and watching TV… your faithful, furry best friend is always by your side, right?


You carefully select your wardrobe, whether it’s for work or for play – looking good and feeling good – so we say why not do the same for your pup? And we don’t mean dressing your dog up in little outfits (unless, of course that’s something you’re into) we’re talking a collar and leash that speaks to your dogs personality, and stands the test of time.


Wolfgang Man & Beast makes beautiful and functional products for both you and your dog.


Whether you like the classic leather look or prefer something a little funkier, Wolfgang has a product for every man, woman, and dog. Using American leather and textiles, Wolfgang collars are 2-sided for 2 looks, all of which are “steezy AF”.


In addition to designs you cannot find anywhere else, Wolfgang has created size charts that take into consideration your height and you dog’s size to find the right collar and leash length and width. This means your dog will not only be the most stylish on the block, but comfortable too.


Check out the 21 different prints available right now, by clicking here. After you choose an item for your pup, visit the shop to get something matching for you!